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Be at peace with

The huge need for inner and outer cleansing, peace and regeneration is a reflection of the times we live in. This intuitively correct recognition that too many everyday toxins as well as overeating harm the body is the basis for our detox cure. Anyone who has experienced it, swears by it. Detox by Rickatschwende gives you new energy, health and a radiant appearance.

The benefits of an F. X. Mayr detox cure

Modern Mayr medicine is the ideal basis for a detox cure. We are happy to share our medical skills and knowledge with you. Benefit from our 30 years of experience:
  • Detoxing and deacidifying
  • Eliminating digestion problems
  • Active abstention from luxury foods, alcohol and tobacco: time out from sugar, coffee, alcohol and nicotine
  • Improving your diet and training your eating behaviour
  • Successfully and permanently controlling your weight
  • Strengthening the body with workouts, sport and building up muscles
  • Improving agility, flexibility and balance
  • Releasing tension – promoting relaxation
  • Digital detox: we will be happy to store your electronic devices (mobile phone, laptop, etc.) in our safe

Source of health

F. X. Mayr Gemüsebrühe
Basically good

The right pH value is not just crucial in swimming pools. It is a determining factor in health and illness for people too. Blood and cellular fluid have a limited tolerable pH range for people which is why they should be checked and not ignored in the event of health issues. Our doctors and therapists professionally support your detox course of treatments at Rickatschwende with 30 years of medical experience.

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Farewell to sugar and fat

We recommend deliberately abstaining from sugar, alcohol, nicotine, coffee, industrially produced food and too many animal products at least once a year for several weeks, if possible. This provides beneficial relief for our mind and body and creates the basis for a healthy life.

Gemüse - F.X. Mayr
The power of plants

Alkaline, plant-based foods support the body’s natural detoxification process and prevent toxins from accumulating in the body. Instant effects after just a few days of detox: a radiant appearance, unblemished complexion and general well-being. In the long-term: less pain and inflammation, reduced risk of cancer and a stronger immune system. 

Detox Lifestyle

Many of our guests are “repeat offenders". Detoxing at the Rickatschwende is more than just a detox at a spa hotel. At the Rickatschwende you enjoy unadulterated nature all around. Fields, forests, mountains and lakes. The fresh, clear air of the Alpine foothills, the purest spring water and a kitchen that serves you our region’s natural delicacies. 

It is proven that plant-based food actively protects against illness. Secondary plant substances are constituents that the plant uses as protection and antibodies, e.g. against mould and mildew. And they have an extraordinarily strong anti-oxidative effect on people, protect against arteriosclerosis, cancer and some even have an antibiotic effect.
Dr Wolfgang Moosburger
Medical Director at Rickatschwende
Kurärzte der Rickatschwende
Bauch - F.X. Mayr Kur

F. X. Mayr Success 2 Weeks

Treat yourself to some real time out for the holistic regeneration of the mind, body and soul with modern Mayr medicine. We share over 30 years of F. X. Mayr cure experience with you. 

Nights | 13 Nights
Price | from EUR 4,410.00
Bewegung Aquafit - F.X. Mayr Kurhotel Rickatschwende

F. X. Mayr Success Basic 11 Days

The F. X. Mayr Success Basic offers guests intestinal regeneration including a light diet for 10 nights despite a low time budget. This flat rate serves to improve general fitness, detoxification and purification.

Nights | 10 Nights
Price | from EUR 3,781,--
Terrasse und Liegestühle - F.X. Mayr Kurhotel Rickatschwende

Better Aging & Pro Energy 1 Week

Regenerate your cells and regain your glow. 1-week package with detoxification, exercise and relaxation programme.  Modern Mayr medicine expands your awareness of a healthy lifestyle.

Nights | 6 Nights
Price | from EUR 2,234.00
Frau im Wasser

F. X. Mayr Refresh 1 Week

The perfect course of treatment for guests who have already had some experience of the Mayr cure and would like to refresh this knowledge in the limited time of just one week.

Nights | 6 Nights
Price | from EUR 2,325.00
Rickatschwende Panoramafenster

F. X. Mayr Success 3 Weeks

Do you want a complete overhaul so you can feel great and look attractive for at least half a year? We recommend a three-week complete regeneration package with modern Mayr medicine.

Nights | 20 Nights
Price | from EUR 6,514.00
Achtsamkeit entspannen - F.X. Mayr Kurhotel Rickatschwende

Yoga- & Stretching-Weeks 2024

Yoga and stretching has a variety of positive effects on the body and the psyche.

Price | from EUR Ab 150,-
Massage - F.X.Mayr Kurhotel Rickatschwende


Physiotherapy treatments and activities stimulate, train and balance the body and muscles with the aim of restoring harmony between the inner organs and the musculoskeletal system.

Kosmetik - F.X.Mayr Kurhotel Rickatschwende

Beauty & Anti-Ageing

Brunnen - F.X.Mayr Kurhotel Rickatschwende

Doctors & Medicine

Our doctors draw up a personal master plan for every single guest. The first step is to ascertain the most important indications of your actual state of health.

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