Health programme

F. X. Mayr Success
3 Weeks

Rickatschwende Panoramafenster

Services for 20 nights


nights with fasting programme under medical supervision


personal doctor’s appointments (initial and final examination, stomach treatments)


hay flower wraps


specially prescribed massages


medicinal relaxing baths

Drinking cure with herbal teas, mineral water and the hotel’s own spring water, daily saline morning drink, medical on-call service, bathrobe on loan. Free use of all hotel facilities, such as log cabin sauna, bio sauna, steam bath, whirlpool, infrared cabins, panoramic gym and indoor pool. Free Internet access and underground garage.


Group activities

morning workout sessions


Kneipp treatments


workout sessions (aqua jogging, aqua aerobics, resistance band gymnastics)


daily induction on the fitness equipment (Mon – Fri)


spine exercise sessions/ back school


Pilates sessions


Qi gong



Nordic walking session

meditative walking session

mindfulness training (MBSR)

workouts using the balance pad

relaxation and anti-stress training

guided hikes


cooking talks

Inclusive prices per person in euro

Classic   7,299.00 6,343.00
Comfort   7,513.00 6,460.00
Comfort Plus   8,001.00 6,811.00
2-room suite   9,873.00 7,669.00
3-room maisonette suite   12,973.00 8,722.00


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Additional medical services


Our doctors draw up a personal master plan for every single guest. The first step is to ascertain the most important indications of your actual state of health. The second step is to agree upon the regeneration target and aim with you. The difference between your current state and target is the basis for the treatment plan that is organised so that you can get actively get involved in it.


Additional medical services in euro

Initial doctor’s consultation, 30 minutes 154.00  
Personal doctor’s appointment, 15 minutes 80.00  
Psychotherapeutic intervention coaching*, 45 minutes 146.00  
Neural therapy* 69.00    
Manual therapy of extremity joints* 69.00  
Manual therapy of spine* 83.00  
Acupuncture and laser acupuncture* 69.00  
ECG* 83.00  
Spirometry lung function test* 66.00  
Bloodletting* 57.00  
Medical check-up*
( ECG, 10 blood parameters, vitamin D3
* Please cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance,    
otherwise we will have to charge you for them.    


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There is no gift more precious than your health. Give this to your loved ones, your family, good friends and acquaintances.

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