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F. X. Mayr Cure

Holistic fitness through a lot of movement and relaxation training. Modern, contemporary mild fasting with the modernized F. X. Mayr method. Effective jump-start for a healthier lifestyle. Serious complementary medicine with over 30 years of experience. Weight loss or weight gain without yo-yo effect through metabolic improvement. Energy recovery with long sustainability.

Blocked energies are made to flow again through 30 included spa treatments (medical services, physiotherapy, liver detoxification) and weekly 40 freely selectable professionally guided trainings such as yoga, Pilates, Qi-Gong, mindfulness training, breathing training, guided hikes, Nordic walking, back training and much more. An individual medically supervised diet has replaced the conventional milk and bread fasting. Allergies and food intolerances are taken into consideration. Medical coaching for questions about nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, life balance. Further education through lectures. Practical self-awareness. What you did not want to achieve satisfactorily in your everyday life at home will be achieved during and after your stay at the spa. With our help, you take your health management back into your own hands.

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Anyone who has mastered the art of living takes a bit of everything, but always just the best.
Dr Franz Xaver Mayr
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F. X. Mayr cure benefits

The F. X. Mayr cure is more relevant today than ever before. Also in 2018 it has a large, constantly growing fan community worldwide. The healing effect of detoxification and regeneration and the conscious unwinding from everyday activities produces considerable noticeable positive changes in a very short time.

  • The organs recover
  • The stomach, guts and digestive system benefit in the long term
  • Skin noticeably gains elasticity
  • The face starts to glow
  • The body becomes more efficient through fasting
  • Conscious chewing is relearnt
  • More energy through rest and cleansing
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30 years of experience

“The gut is the root to good health." Based on this wisdom from Dr Franz Xaver Mayr, the metabolism is the focus of his holistic and regenerative approach to health. Our trained doctors, Dr Anja Kraus and Senior Consultant Dr Fernando Baldauf develop your tailor-made regeneration cure according to your personal needs and lifestyle. It is monitored and adapted every day so that you can achieve the cure objective and do something about maintaining your health in everyday life.


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