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Burnout Prevention

It’s often just split seconds that are crucial in traffic. In everyday life there are often signs of a pending crash in the months running up to it. Our own body sends us warning signals quite subtly at first but gradually more and more insistently. Feelings of failure, pointlessness, permanent exhaustion, fatigue and weakness are warning signals that must be taken seriously at all costs. Slam on the brakes in good time! Take a well-deserved time-out on a regular basis. Relax, unwind and restore your balance.

4 Strategies for the mind, body and soul

Balance through exercise


Daily exercise and relaxation training (indoors and outdoors) under expert guidance produces deep mental relaxation. The feeling of finding your centre and strength again sets in after about 8 to 10 days.

Taking care of your resources


We offer professional life balance and nutrition coaching by our doctors. Psychotherapy intervention can also be booked, if required.

Finding peace


Everything required for this is available at our health retreat: wonderful relaxation rooms with views up to 100 km into the distance over Lake Constance and the Swiss Alps, stunning panoramic terraces, a cosy hotel lobby, a lounge with fireplace and library, spa and wellness area.

Frau am Fenster


Qualified MBSR mindfulness instructors pass on their knowledge about awareness and being in the present. Life in the here and now moments are explained in theory and also practised under expert guidance at the same time. The future and past are blocked out during this training session, stress hormones are reduced and inner peace and calm sets in more and more through regular, targeted practice.

The benefits of a F. X. Mayr cure

Modern Mayr medicine already helps with the initial signs of burnout. We are happy to share our medical skills and knowledge with you. Benefit from our 30 years of experience:

  • Kicking yourself into gear again topping up your strength and energy levels
  • Strengthening your body with workouts, sport and building up muscles
  • Improving agility, flexibility and balance
  • Eliminating digestion problems
  • Improving your diet and training your eating behaviour
  • Releasing tension promoting relaxation
  • Discussing your work-life balance with a consultant or personal coach

Our retreat packages to tackle burnout are organised flexibly. Our doctors tailor the number of included services to your needs and goals. Likewise with your diet. You are tested for any intolerances and these are naturally taken into account.

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