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Massages & treatments

Physiotherapy treatments and activities stimulate, train and balance the body and muscles with the aim of restoring harmony between the inner organs and musculoskeletal system. Muscles give the body its shape, protect the organs and ensure movements.

Additional physiotherapy treatments in euro

Half-body or back massage, 25 minutes 49.00  
Full-body massage, 50 minutes 95.00  
Lymph drainage based on Vodder method, 50 minutes 94.00  
Reflexology massage based on Ingham-Marquart method, 50 minutes 94.00  
Embryonic treatment based on Robert Eiben method, 50 minutes 94.00  
Acupuncture massage based on Tuina method, 25 minutes 58.00  
Deep tissue massage, 25 minutes 58.00  
Shiatsu, 50 minutes 98.00  
Marnitz pressure point massage, segment massage, 25 minutes 58.00  
Aqua relaxation, shiatsu in warm water, 50 minutes 112.00  
Treatment with river stones, 75 minutes 135.00  
Jungebad with brush massage, 90 minutes 108.00  


Special spine package

Functional, orthopaedic analysis with manual redressing of the spine
Physiotherapy check-up with exercise programme

2 x personalised exercise therapy sessions, 30 minutes each    
1 x personalised exercise therapy session in water, 30 minutes    
1 x fitness workout with gym equipment, 30 minutes  343.00   
Personalised treatment, 25 minutes 59.00  
Personalised treatment, 50 minutes 114.00  


Sport fitness consultancy    
Personalised workout with personal fitness coach, 25 minutes 59.00  
Personalised workout with personal fitness coach, 50 minutes 114.00  


Fitness check    
Strength and coordination incl. training suggestions 171.00  
Analysis of musculoskeletal system incl. personalised exercise programme    


Baths and wraps    
Hay flower wrap 29.00  
Whey and herb bath 35.00  


Other physical therapies    
Interference current therapy 31.00  
Ultrasound treatment 31.00  
Inhalation 31.00  
Fango mud wrap 29.00  
Low frequency electric stimulation therapy 31.00  
Single light therapy/chronotherapy session 32.00  


Exercise – fitness – relaxation With 4 people or more:    
Qi gong, 25 minutes 21.00  
Aquafit, 25 minutes 21.00  
Aqua aerobics, 25 minutes 21.00  
Mindful breathing, 25 minutes 21.00  
With 4 people or more: yoga, 50 minutes 30.00  
Pilates, 50 minutes 30.00  
Nordic walking, 50 minutes 30.00  
yoga, pilates    
Individual session, 50 minutes 98.00  

Please cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise we will have to charge you for them.

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