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Beauty & Anti-Ageing

Cosmetic Treatments Prices in euro


Exclusive Care Treatment "Basic" for him and her, 55 minutes                
Tailored to your personal skin needs.



Exclusive Care Treatment "Plus" for him and her, 85 minutes
Tailored to your personal skin needs.
"Luxury" intensive treatment for him and her, 115 minutes     
Tailored to your personal skin needs.
Super lifting eye treatment, 25 minutes
Intensive treatment for a radiant - fresh & lifted eye area.
Stimulates collagen synthesis as well as lymphatic circulation.
Pharmos Natur Facial Treatments  
LOVE YOUR AGE - Power Treatment Collagen power suppliers such as avellana, cranberry, moringa, hyaluron and African black bean improve the density of the skin, plump it up and make you happy! Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed out. The depth of wrinkles is visibly reduced.
Well suited for: dry, mature and demanding skin.
Effect: rejuvenation, firming, wrinkle smoothing, regeneration and intensive care.
55 minutes
85 minutes


Bio-Lifting - Lifting treatment rich in active ingredients with fresh plants.The black sesame seeds from the Himalayas contain a unique network of unique network of precious active ingredients. Calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and lecithin, essential amino acids and complex vitamins provide the skin with new impulses for real regeneration. Lines and wrinkles are significantly reduced.
Well suited for: skin in need of regeneration, sagging, tired skin and premature skin aging.
Effect: immediately visible tightening, the skin is radiant, smooth and well nourished.
55 minutes
85 minutes


Anti-stress Face - Relaxing treatment for skin and soul.The highly effective anti-stress serum strengthens the nerves, brings new energy,stimulates cell renewal and softens signs of stress and tension.
Well suited for: stressed minds, sensitive, irritated and exhausted skin, couperose.
Effect: restless, irritated skin is balanced. Redness disappears.
55 minutes
85 minutes
Detox Face - Detoxifying, tissue-cleansing treatment.Activates the entire skin metabolism, strengthens the connective tissue and detoxifies intensively via the lymph
55 minutes

85 minutes

Nature of men treatment & intensive treatment               
Perfect care, vital booster for face and body.
Let the signs of stress and tension fade away with this special
facial treatment. Cell renewal, regeneration and revitalization. Freshness kick for stressed men's skin.
55 minutes
85 minutes






  Prices in euro
Radiant eyes / Beautiful Eyes, 25 minutes
Invigorating eye massage and a special lifting mask with freshgel revitalizes and decongests the tissue, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and reduces dark circles, shadows and bags under the eyes.
On request, you can book the
following additional treatments with every facial:

| Ampoule
| Eye mask
| Eyebrow tinting (during the treatment)
| Eyelash tinting (during the treatment)
| Complete styling (during the treatment - eyelashes & brows tinting
| Eyebrows plucking
| Eyebrows tinting
| Eyelash tinting
| Eyebrows styling (tinting and facioning)
| Complete styling (eyelash and brow tinting with facioning)

Eyelash wave or lash lifting with eyelash tinting, 55 minutes
For expressive eyes and an open look - gives the eyelashes a swing and makes the eyes look bigger and more open.


Body treatments

Prices in euro
Clarins Body treatments
Full body peeling, 25 minutes
With sea salt peeling for supple skin
Relaxation treatment, 50 minutes
Full body peeling with sea salt, relaxing massage with essential oils including resting time.


Detox Body Treatment, 50 min, 
Intensive Treatment, 80 min     
Detoxification treatment for the whole body with precious medicinal herbs in combination with pure organic aloe vera. This treatment detoxifies and decongests via the lymph, strengthens and firms the connective tissue, activates the metabolism, reduces cellulite. You will feel free and light.



Anti-Stress Body, 50 min   
Deep relaxation and deceleration for skin and soul. The spirit comes to calm. The nervous system can let go. Redness and traces of restless skin are balanced. Intensive well-being and balance on all levels.
Love your Age Body Scrub Treatment, 50 min
Intensive Treatment, 80 min   
Exclusive herbal peeling massage and rich body care - a fountain of youth for skin and metabolism. The perfect interaction of precious herbs with attentive touch forms the
basis of this extraordinary full-body treatment. The metabolism is stimulated, skin and
tissue tightened and vitalized. Your skin becomes velvety soft, smooth and supple.
You feel reborn.





Hand care  
Manicure with polish or nourishing nail oil, 55 minutes 58.00
Manicure with nail polishing (without varnish), 55 minutes 58.00
Wellness treatment for hands, 25 minutes 51.00
Shell varnish removal, 20 minutes 26.00
Foot care  
Medical foot care with varnish or nourishing nail oil, 55 minutes 68.00
Shell varnish removal, 20 minutes 26.00

Please cancel already booked treatments at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise we will have to charge you for them.

Hair removal with warm wax  
Legs whole
Legs to knee 50.00
Arms 42.00
Armpits    29.00
Back part 42.00
Back whole 67.00
Bikini line 29.00
Upper lip 19.00
Chin 21.00
Face whole 29.00

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